Friday, August 3, 2007

Little Heron

This Little Heron was fishing on the edge of Upper Peirce Reservoir just below the embankment dividing the reservoir into upper and lower portions. I was close enough for it to sense danger. The bird chose to stay but kept me in sight while it looked for tiny fishes in the water.
It was determined to catch its breakfast.
On the wooden bridge at the Bukit Timah section of the Singapore Botanic Gardens, I spied this fairly large bird perched amongst the thick foliage.With my Olympus 18x zoom camera, I managed to capture the bird preening its feathers in the fading light of the day.
On another occasion, another Little Heron looking no different from the rest I have seen, waits for its prey in the shallow waters of a pond in the Singapore Botanic Gardens.Can't I have some peace and privacy while feeding?
On a bare tree on Sentosa Island, I spotted another Little Heron from afar. It was quite beyond the reach of my camera lenses.This is bird haven until the Integrated Resorts rise above nature and hopefully this tree and its residents or visitors will not disappear from the face of Sentosa. Now see how a Little Heron walks:

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