Friday, April 25, 2008

Female Asian Koel

It was not my intention to photograph birds. It usually works like this - expect and you will be disappointed if things do not go the way you wish. Have no expectations and a surprise could await you. It happened to me when I was unprepared, caught with only a pocket digital camera that had only a 4x zoom facility - my trusty Canon IXUS 800IS. Still it was better than having no camera at all.
I could tell from the silhoutte of the creature that it was something that I had never seen before. I moved in cautiously and using the flash managed to get these photos that could help in the identification of this bird.

It was beautiful with such fine feathers and a lovely tail!


Faz said...

Hi there, I love your blog. Please add more pix of birds you have seen.

Let me help you out with this particular one. It's actually a female Asian Koel. The ones you have been seeing (the black ones) are the males. :)

Mableinsingapore said...

Thank you LILT for helping me to identify this bird. Yes, I will try to update this blog soon. If you have the time you might like to check out the links I have made to my other blogs on flowers and places in Singapore. Cheers!