Friday, June 19, 2009

Not a bird, not a plane, it's an IGUANA!!!

Today, I visited my mother and she greeted me at the door telling me about a monstrous creature that I thought had got into her house. I was curious about this creature and much to my relief it had not entered the house but was taking a stroll along the drain at the back of the house.
Seeing an iguana in the flesh is nothing like seeing one on Animal Planet. Even though this particular iguana did not seem very threatening, it was nevertheless quite 'monstrous looking'.
I took these photos behind a grill door and used the optical zoom when I deemed it safe to venture outside. Yes, I am quite chicken-hearted when it comes to animals especially exotic ones like this creature here. The iguana was totally engrossed in sensing its new surroundings. It tried to climb a wall.The wall was too steep and not getting a foothold, it decided to do a few poses for my camera. And then feeling bored, it carried on walking away from my camera.

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