Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Spotted Dove in my Garden

I was minding my own business when suddenly a flutter of wings caught my attention. I looked up from my netbook and there it was this handsome spotted dove.

I used the word "handsome" because I have no idea about its gender. There was something about the way it strutted around my backyard that made me perceive it as being of the male specie.
It was not looking for anything in particular and it appeared to be rather aimless as it walked in measured steps to the right and then to the left, to and fro as if in a parade.
I picked up my camera and stretched the zoom to the maximum and using the auto setting as these birds do not hang around long enough for anyone to start fiddling with the manual features of the camera. Experience told me so and I was right.
Just look at that elegant long tail and the beak in perfect alignment with the eye.

It then turned around to show of the wing feathers. They were simply gorgeous.
See perfection in every curve and angle.
It was walking out of my range. I sat as still as I could and the good thing is, I think this bird's eyesight is about the only non-perfect feature of its whole being.
It decided to hop onto the low wall of my flowerbed. I am not sure if the reddish tint of its feathers was natural or if it was the result of the camera's auto settings.
Just look at those feathers. One would think that this bird was given clothing by an Emperor or Empress.
Contemplating to jump or to fly.
On second thoughts, I'll hang around a little bit more.
Hey pretty lady (spots another of its kind flying by) do you need some lunch?

Hmm, I think I should pursue her.
At this point, this handsome dove turned and faced me and bobbed its head a few times before flying off. I actually recorded a video of it doing this but sad to say, I accidentally deleted it!

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