Thursday, August 26, 2010

Unknown Bird

I saw a bird with a long tail dive into the thick crown of a tree and while it was out of my sight it was making a lot of noise under the canopy of leaves. Yes, I was at the level of the trees but these birds were too far away for me to get a good, clear shot with my point-and-shoot despite the 14X zoom. It was around seven-thirty in the morning and the light of day was weak at that time. I waited for the birds to surface from the foliage and when they did I just could not get enough of them. I could not identify them as I could not find photos of them in the books that I have on birds. All I can say is that I am so lucky to have seen them this morning.


Steve Thorpe said...

Hi Mable,

These are Red-billed Magpies. I don't think they are a native Singapore bird so they're either a migrant or an escape!

Either way they look great!

Mableinsingapore said...

Thank you Steve for your comments. I am glad to have a response to my posts. I am not a very active blogger though I have several blogs that are linked to this one. The only one that I update nowadays is my travel blog. Cheers!