Friday, September 14, 2007

Migratory birds - they are here again!

Where in Singapore is this place? It reminds me very much of Jiuzhaigou and I could not believe my eyes at first when this scene greeted me. The lush greenery, the perfect mirror reflections and the colours of the water.From a distance that was out of reach of even my Olympus 10x zoom camera, I could only gaze at the faraway image of this huge bird that was probably a stork. To the right of where the stork was, I suddenly realised that that a whole community of migratory birds of different species have built their summer homes on the bare, bleached skeletal branches of these trees.
If you were not looking out for them, you would most likely have missed seeing these birds.
Until one or two of them took glides across the water or flutter around their nests.
Wednesday was a respite from the rains of Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday was a lovely day with muted sun rays and lovely breezes. A great day for a walk from Chek Jawa to the boundaries of the Outward Bound school on Pulau Ubin.

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