Saturday, September 8, 2007

Return of the Bulbuls

This bubul looks like one of the pair of babies that I had scared away with my persistent photographing of them some weeks back. Now I hide behind curtains and tiptoe to the window whenever I sense their presence. This was about the third time that I have seen them landing on my bougainvillea and doing elaborate preening routines amidst the shady branches of my bougainvillea.

With my Olympus C-750 10X zoomed to the maximum I managed to capture this one shot of this fastidious creature looking up for a brief moment before applying its beak to its feathers again.

Best shot taken while I was hidden from the view of this highly-suspicious bird.
Looks like this baby is growing into a good-looking adult bubul.

It started to sing and I quickly switched the dials to video mode. Unfortunately, I forgot to check if the sound recording was on. It was not. Anyway I was not successful in uploading this video. Will try again another time.

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