Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sun conure

It is not hard to see why this parrot is called a sun conure. Firstly, the colours are of such a bright and cheerful combination that even on a gloomy day, this bird has the amazing ability to light up your life, if only for the brief moment you spend looking at it. Secondly, it is filled with curiosity and interest in whoever approaches the cage. It boldly sashays across the wire mesh of the cage as if it wants to communicate with you. Its big round eyes never leave yours making it all the more endearing. Last but not least, it knows how to please you. It picks up as melon seed with its beak, looks at you as if it wants to offer you a present in friendship.If I ever need a pet in my life, it will definitely be this bird.


Anonymous said...

Are conures available for sale in Singapore? I've never seen one in pet stores.

Mableinsingapore said...

This sun conure was seen at a farm in Lim Choo Kang. I didn't think it was for sale as I thought it was kept to amuse people who went there to buy the farm produce and other things that were sold. Sorry, I am not able to give you the answer to your question as I have no idea where they are sold in Singapore or whether the law permits their sale.