Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Yellow-vented Bulbuls

I was playing with my Olympus C-750 10x zoom taking aim at the hibiscus from where I was sitting inside the house.
Then this young bulbul with the proud face flew into my view and rested on the hibiscus branch. It stayed for less than a few seconds before joining its companion on a branch higher up on my bougainvillea shrub.
Because of all the flying around that these two birds were doing I lost track of their identity. Actually I don't really know except that one was smaller than the other.
This one looks annoyed.
Extremely annoyed by something.
Now a little suspicious.
Hmmm, looks like there are no predators, so we can start our preening routine.
I'll keep watch here, you go ahead.
Sure, it is safe?
Yup, no worries, go ahead and preen.
Hmm, something seems to be moving inside the house.
Preen, preen, preen...
Okay, I'm done, now it is your turn.
Hey, wait a minute, there is a nosy human in there pointing a camera at us.
Let me look at her with my right eye.
Just to confirm, now with my left eye.
Now let me process what I saw.
Yup, it's her again, always spying on us.
Hi Mable, you sure are nosy. Okay we got to go. See you.

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