Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Bulbul sitting in a nest

This is the bird with the perpetually 'pissed' look sitting in the nest it built with its partner amidst the thick foliage of my bougainvilla plant.

I have no idea if it is the male or the female half of the couple that I have been observing in the past few months. I am not even sure if these bubuls are the same ones I have been photographing stealthily each time they came to perch on my bougainvillea plant. Neverthelss, I am glad they have chosen my backyard to start a family which explains why I only have a drawing instead of a photo to show off the new tenants in my garden.

Previous attempts to take pictures of the bird in the nest failed because the zoom lens could not focus on the bird as there were too many leaves and branches around it. Rather than risk scaring the birds away and causing them to abandon the eggs, I thought it would be better to keep away at a distance where I would not be seen as posing a danger to these birds. Holding a sketch pad is less threatening than pointing a camera at close range at these sensitive creatures. It's rather peaceful now. What could the bulbul be thinking while it sits almost motionless for such long durations? Amazing nature.

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