Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Birds in the Hortpark and vicinity

The yellow-vented bulbul was perched high up on the twig of a bare tree. It might not have seen me and if it did, it would not have cared for I was too far away to be of any threat. I tried my luck with my zoom lens and got the protraits of this lovely bird.
Then a bird came swooping into my view. A pity I could not get better shots than these. Looks like an eagle. 
A pair of drongos did not want to be outdone. They usually do not expose their presence choosing to hide amongst thick foliage. This must have been an exceptional occasion. 
A Zebra dove that did not want to be photographed. 
Well, there are others too preoccupied with looking for breakfast to care. 
My prize find but unfortunately I just could not succeed in capturing this bird clearly. I think it is a red-winged woodpecker for it flew off in a flurry before I could even say hello. 

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