Friday, February 25, 2011

Bee eaters and others

I had not intended to take photos of anything. I was just lazing on a beanbag and then I happened to look out of my window across to the TV antennae of my neighbour's house and saw a bird perching on it. I left the room to get my camera half expecting it to be gone by  the time I returned. It was a joyous surprise when I saw it still there and with my Canon Powershot at maximum zoom power  I took as many shots as I could before it decided to take off. This looks like a bee-eater but I am not sure of its name. Anyway it was a beautiful creature and I was glad to have seen it.

When the bee-eater flew off another bird came by to perch. These were not very good shots. Still I got to see the colours of its feathers .

Next, this spotted dove stopped by for a while and this time I got a clearer picture because I decided to use the Canon DSLR with the zoom lens.

Lastly a black bird came by and by then I was getting a little tired.

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